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Mom Loves Cock

Mother Loves Son's Cock

Page was an attractive woman of forty-two with a strapping young son named David. She was so proud of him and his athletic abilities. He was a varsity football player and a hard-muscled member of the boxing team at school. Many was the time she would watch him play or box and marvel at his tight body and wide shoulders. She could tell the other girls at school also admired him for his physical prowness.

One day David was at home taking a shower while Page was in the kitchen baking up some cookies for him. She knew chocolate chip was his favorite and she wanted to surprise him with a fresh batch, but just as she was putting them into the oven she heard him call from the bathroom. "Hey, Mom!" he called "Can you snag me a fresh towel?". She went to the closet and selected a nice big flurry towel and took it to her son.

She knocked on the door and half-opened it to hand in the towel when she caught sight of David naked in the full length mirror through the opening as he reached for the towel. Her eyes widened at his beautiful chisled body, but she caught herself in a gasp as her eyes fell upon his cock - it was huge! Page couldn't take her eyes off the large smooth penis that dangled enticingly between her son's legs. She could feel the rush of blood to her own groin as she fought to look away from David's awesome cock.

Finally she snapped out of it when he grabbed the towel out of her hand and said "thanks!" as he shut the door. Page was flustered. She couldn't believe what the sight of her own son's huge cock did to her and she quickly went back to the kitchen in the hope that cooking would take her mind off that arousing scene she had just witnessed. After David had showered and gobbled down some of her cookies, he gave her a peck on the cheek and bounded out the door back to class. Page went to her bedroom and closed the door.

She went to the dressor and took out the small pink vibrator she had purchased online and laid back on the bed. Spreading her legs, she hiked her skirt, pulled down her panties and pressed the buzzing device against her clit. Her mind filled with visions of her son's big cock and what it must be like when erect and throbbing. She fantasized about how wonderful it must be to be a young schoolgirl and having sex with her son. Feeling that massive penis pulsating in her hand, throbbing in her mouth, filling her pussy or even asshole with hard thrusts of utter delight and erotic passion! Arching her back, she came all over her hand in a series of hot gushes as she delighted in the taboo mother son sexual fantasy she was having.

While Page never would tell her son of her erotic fantasies about his big cock, she would often masturbate furiously thinking about what it would be like to stroke and suck on such a beautiful penis such as his.

What she didn't know was that there of LOTS of women with taboo mother son sex fantasies...

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Posted: Wednesday 22nd November 2006, 12:35 PM

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