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Perverted Moms

What a delicious sounding genre, eh?

Hmmm, "Perverted Moms", yes, I quite like that!

"My husband thinks I'm a total sex fiend because after the birth of my last child, I've craved anal sex on an almost daily basis! Something about feeling that hard cock slamming up my asshole again and again just gives me the orgasms I'm dreaming of! I think a pussy fuck is fine, but give me a butt-busting black cherry fuck anytime, hehe...My husband says I'm just "perverted" and over-sexed from the pregnancy hormones. Fuck that! I just love ass fucking. I bet he'd shit a brick if he knew my most SECRET sexual fantasy is to take TWO big cocks up my ass. Now THAT would be PERVERTED! LOL!..."


Posted: Monday 23rd June 2008, 11:40 AM

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