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Mom Spanks Her Stepson

Mom Bares His Bottom

"I think we'll have these underpants down too" Helda sneered as she tugged Mark's underwear down to his knees "I think a good old fashioned bare bottom spanking from your mother is just what the doctor ordered!" She ran her hands over his pale bare butt, sending a shiver of sensation through his cock and balls. "And NO erections!" she shouted "I won't have my own stepson making a spanking lap spurt in MY lap!" Mark was mortified, he could feel his penis rubbing against the older woman's thighs as she positioned him for the coming spanking. She might of been his own stepmother, but he was a man after all!..."

Just part of the shame (and fun) when this mom spanks her stepson on the bare butt!


Posted: Thursday 26th June 2008, 11:52 AM

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