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Come Feel Mother's Big Tits

"After he had licked his mother's wet hairy pussy for what seemed an eternity, John was pulled to his feet. "I want you to feel mommy's breasts now" Connie said as she guided her son's eager hands to her tits "Feel how big and firm they are". John squeezed his mother's big tits and nodded in agreement. "They're nice" he said "Just like my teacher Mrs.Bogget at school. I think of her boobs when I uh, eh, jerk off sometimes after school". His mother smiled as she felt him tweak her erect nipples beneath her shirt. "That's okay, honey" she said "Many boys have crushes on their mature female teachers" She then reached down and grabbed him erect penis in her hand "But now I'm going to teach you something she NEVER will!"..."

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Posted: Thursday 14th August 2008, 11:52 AM

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